The Mentor

The Mentor
Author: Angelo Campione

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Through a chance meeting, Jane, a cluey 20 year-old, meets a confident, loud and obnoxious character at a party one night, Arturo. Her curiosity is piqued by the strength of his convictions and without realising it she begins a journey that will alter the very fabric of her life.

Arturo has a sixth sense and he sees that Jane is destined for great things, so he extends a helping hand. Jane reluctantly meets with him, not knowing his true intentions but he slowly leads her from the world she's always known, to a new world of standing as the creator she was born to be.

The journey opens Jane up to new ways of seeing life, and this allows her to find joy and abundance, and to stand as a powerful and independent adult. But the journey isn't easy, she now faces a decision point that compels her to choose her truth and change direction, or remain a victim of circumstance forever.

Join Jane on her quest as she learns about responsibility, self-awareness and the world of money.