I Married Crystal Meth : for better or worse until Meth tear us apart

I Married Crystal Meth : for better or worse until Meth tear us apart
Author: W.L

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After immigrating to Australia I got involved with an Australian man whom I fell in love with, we dated for a short period of time before getting married. I was completely in love with my husband and I did not think anyone or anything could come between us. Life was perfect and it was just like I was living in a dream.

Unfortunately that wonderful dream was short lived. After a year of being married, I noticed my husband’s alcohol consumption increased signi?cantly. Although his behavioural change bothered me, I tried not to take it too seriously. I simply associated his alcohol consumption increase with cultural and religious differences.

As time progressed it was clear my husband’s alcohol consumption was much more than a mere cultural difference, without a doubt, he was an alcoholic. I tried helping him to slow down his alcohol intake, and we visited several doctors to obtain prescribed medication for alcohol abuse. It did not work; my husband’s alcohol consumption escalated to the point where he started to spend entire nights away from home.

I gave my husband an ultimatum - it was either me or alcohol and parties. In order to reinforce my position I moved out from home for a short period of time. It worked; he slowed down his alcohol consumption and life resumed to its normal pattern.

We decided to start a family, and for my great joy I had the privilege to experience the miracle of life as I carried a child inside my womb.

During my pregnancy my husband’s alcohol consumption increased rapidly, my life became miserable. As if all that suffering was not enough I also found out my husband was not only an alcoholic, he was also a drug addict. As time progressed my husband’s addictions went over and beyond all boundaries, he betrayed me in every single aspect of our married life.

My world shattered before my eyes, I was pregnant and terri?ed. What was I going to do, how could I win this battle?