Cold Gold 5

Cold Gold 5
Author: Dennis J. McTaggart

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Dennis J, McTaggart, once again throws the reader head first into the action of Teddy and his crew of abalone poachers. In the fifth book in the Cold Gold series, Slick the hired gun, is after Teddy. He’s bankrolled by Jean, Freddy’s widow, and mother to the late Victor, her deceased son.

Bevin Quale, the Ex-Vietnam Veteran, hits his straps and finds a place in Teddy’s team, and also rekindles a lost love in the form of his wife of many years.

As the bodies pile up pressure mounts on Senior Inspector Ray Boyd to get to the bottom of things. He points Detective Karl and his partner Paul, in the right direction.

Louie and Gazza, the two down and outs, with the assistance of Pam a British Back Packer, hit the shallow side of beware reef. Much to the disgust of the Friends of Beware Reef.

Keith and Gretel, the Rangers from the Cape Conran cabins are on high alert.

Wallace (Piggy) Trotter and his loyal sidekick James are close on the heels of Teddy and his crew. Bass Strait Barry and Des work hard and assist Teddy to keep just in front of the Fisheries in Victoria and Tasmania. All in all, there are stories of adventure and daring to make the reader gasp in anticipation as the author tells his stories in his own unusual Australian way.

Hang on tight.