Book of prayers, and short stories

Book of prayers, and short stories
Author: Lynda Hackford

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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My encounter with Jacob, "my calling".

My life changing experience started many years ago, when a messenger from God asked me to acknowledge the word of God. I was at a train station with two of my boys, now in their thirties; My messenger had a limp in his leg, he was in his seventies, olive skinned, with thin build, he carried nothing and with many people around he chose me to talk to and my boys where witnesses to his presence; He asked if we could talk about God; he said he came from the Holy Land and that God healed him from a light beaming from the heavens while in his tent; he wanted me to receive his words, to read the word from God, and what was my beliefs in God.

I replied that I had the Bible but found it hard to understand the parables; but I believed; meanwhile our train arrived to take us to our destination,home” The train was only one carriage long because my stop was the last and only a one gate exit; we got on the train including the man; and he ask if he could continue our talk about God; I felt fear, and then this overwhelming change of love come over me. We came to our last stop and we all got off, when my boys said mum where is the man, I replied he is behind me, I looked in the train, then on the small platform, outside the gate, even though he had to go past us, but he had disappeared, vanished. Years past; my life had become a mess with the death of my mother, depression, skin cancer, “I turned to someone for help “God” I never forgot my divine messenger, neither my boys; I knew my messenger was Jacob, his limp was from his fight with God, God let him live because of his strength and faith, Jacob had asked God when he asked his name for healing and blessings; Jacob called me to acknowledge God, and God has given me the gift of his words, a heavenly treasure to share with all, to change lives, to believe in God and his messengers who walk among us, to call us to do good, to make a difference to someone else, now let me take you on the journey with Gods heartfelt prayers.