The Atonement of Grace O'Connell

The Atonement of Grace O'Connell
Author: Mike McCluskey

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<p>Set in the 19th century, author Mike McCluskey tells a gripping family saga, that will enthral the reader in this suspenseful story.</p>
<p>With courage and determination an extraordinary woman uncovers deceit, betrayal and murder in her pioneering family’s past. Born in 1884 at a NSW Northern Tablelands homestead, Grace O’Connell is burdened with illegitimacy. Overcoming prejudice and persecution she gains love, happiness and fortune. Despite her triumphs she cannot escape the spectre of evil and immorality that haunts her adventurous life. With faith and tenacity she strives to atone for the sinful legacy of her inheritance. Yet, probing too deeply, she reveals shocking secrets that should have remained buried with the dead forever.</p>
<p>Author Mike McCluskey draws on extensive experience in rural journalism as well as research of his pioneering ancestors to portray this gripping family saga set in the untamed splendour of one of Australia’s wild mountain ranges.</p>