What we're Wheelie like

What we're Wheelie like
Author: Gail Miller

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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WHAT IF... your best friend was in a wheelchair and people always stared at them when you were out together?

How would that make you feel? How would that make THEM feel? PEEP INSIDE... and you will discover that people who use wheelchairs are regular people, with feelings, who live their lives sitting down. Some things are tricky for them, but they often come up with very clever ways to do things.

They like to go to parties and dress in nice clothes. They laugh and have fun, just like you. That's 'What they're Wheelie like...'


'While civic authorities do what they can to include wheelchair users in our daily and cultural activities, Gail's book acquaints young readers with the issues and problems wheelchair users confront every day. Thank you Gail Miller for your contribution.'

- Nicholas Fourikis PhD
Author of 'Hollywood Amaroo' and 'Hypatia's Feud'

'This is a wonderful book, written in a way that helps kids to imagine and understand what it might be like to travel through life in a wheelchair. By encouraging empathy and kindness, it is good for all kids – those on wheels and those who aren't.'

Penny Wright (Senator, Australian Greens)