Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect
Author: Tim Dath

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Damian’s Rules for tripping:

1: Do not carry LSD on your person whilst tripping. You will only end up sobering up in three days with empty pockets and an eerie feeling of violation.

2: Freeways are for cars not pedestrians.

4: Paranoia will lead to your own demise. People will only know you are tripping if you tell them.

11. Write your address on a piece of paper and sticky tape it around your arm. Directions and words may fail you later.

For Damian Tucker, life could not get much better.

He has legend status at the senior high school where he’s enrolled as a mature-age student; he has the best bunch of mates a bloke could hope for; he has a drop-dead-gorgeous girlfriend who’ll stand by him through thick and thin; his band Toxic Shadow Sauce has just scored a recording contract with a major record company and a gig at next year’s Rock Above the Falls music festival; and he lives at ‘Wastell Street’, the most notorious party-house in town.

But Damian also has a love affair with LSD. And when he witnesses the brutal murder of an elderly woman, the shocking legacy of his drug habit begins to make itself known.

'Funny, politically-incorrect and, quite frankly, frightening in its no-holds-barred expose of contemporary youth culture, Cause & Effect will make you laugh and squirm in equal measure' Australasian Review of Books